Lofwind 5000mm Bleached Cotton Polypropylene 5µm

100,00 Excl.

Lofwind 5000mm Bleached Cotton Polypropylene 5µm

UGS : LW05BP5000 Catégorie :


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FRFRFR LOFWIND filter cartridges are string-wound depth filter elements. They can be used in many different combinations of filter materials and inner cores.

Applications :
Water treatment, sea water desalination, condensate preparation, process water, photo chemicals, film development, edible oils, solvents, galvanic baths, fats, acids, bases, chemical processes

Technical data:
Filter fineness (nominal) 0,5 – 150 µm
Length 5″ till 40″
Inside diameter 28 mm
Outside diameter 62 mm
Max. working temperature 80°C (polypropylene)
140°C (polyester – nylon)
160°C (cotton)
400°C (glass fiber)
Max. diff. pressure 2,5 bar at 30°C